Sunday, October 18, 2015

Book Review: Broken Skies by Theresa Kay

Hi everyone! Today I finally have a review for you again. This week it's of Broken Skies by Theresa Kay. It's the first book in an upcoming trilogy!

***I received this book in an exchange for an honest review***

Broken Skies is about Jax, a girl who lives in a world where aliens live on earth. And you might think that they're fighting against the humans and trying to take over the planet but actually they're pretty much ignoring everyone. And after a war there aren't many humans left anyway. Which adds to them struggling to stay alive. 
One day Jax's brother is taken by the aliens and she's determined to get him back - with the help of another alien, Lyr, who was left behind by the abductors.

I hope my summary wasn't too confusing I'm not really good at writing them :D 
But anyway, here's what I thought about the book:

First of all, the story had everything! It was fast-paced, there was action, there was romance, it was a survival story at some point and it had aliens. What else could you want? 
Also, there was so much character developement - especially when you look at Jax. She is a very realistic character and went through so much in her life; she never got to know her mom because she died when Jax was born and she lost her Dad and really the only one she has left is her twin-brother Jace. But when he was gone Jax needed to become independent and make things work out herself. Of course she had help from Lyr but ultimately she had to find the way to her brother and the city herself.
Which brings us to Lyr (somehow :D). Guys, I think I have a new fictional boyfriend! Although at times I was not sure if it's save to trust him, but actually you can never fully trust anyone in this book except Jax! I was always like "Hm, can you trust them or will they betray Jax? Damn, I don't know!" As you can see, I would totally suck in her situation. I think, I can't write much about Lyr or it'll get too spoilery...
Before he's kidnapped, we see Jace spending some time with Jax. They're really, really close and I loved seeing how much he cared about her and, if I'm honest, how much he gave up for her. She's broken, she says so several times herself, and can't really deal with everything but Jace is always there, holding her together.

All in all, I ADORED this book. I wish I would have picked it up earlier and I need Fractured Suns like yesterday :-) If you liked
Obsidian and The 5th Wave I promise you, you're are going to love Broken Skies!
Thanks for reading! Leave a comment and tell me what is your favorite YA alien book? I think mine is either this one or Obsidian... it's hard to choose :-)

BIG thank-you to Theresa Kay! :)

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