Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas Bookathon - last update & New Year

Soo, the Christmas Bookathon is over and this is my resolution: completed the challenge "Read a book that's been on your TBR since last year" with the last book of the Dream trilogy by Kerstin Gier. I started it in November but ... let's just count it anyway ;D I started Life and Death by Stephenie Meyer which I haven't finished yet because I really wasn't in the mood for it anymore and wanted to read something else. It would have covered "Read a book with red AND green on the cover" and I got halfway through and ... I don't know, can I count it? You decide! XD

23437156And three days ago I started Six of Crows by leigh Bardugo and finished it last night. And WOW! IT IS SO GOOD!!! All this hype around it is now totally understandable. I'm so going to write a full review this weekend :-) Stay tuned!
Also, I'm so happy that I finally had so much fun reading again because I felt like I was kind of in a reading slump or something but now I think it was just because of those two books that weren't really good. 
Anyway, with Six of Crows I managed the "Read an author you've never read before" challenge!

12576579I just realized I also read Night School  by C.J. Daugherty which I also quite enjoyed but unfortunately it doesn't work with any challenge :/

All in all, I did 2 (3) challenges out of 12. Okay, obviously I'm not good at readathons - especially not such long ones. But at least I haven't read nothing ;-) even though my next read isn't part of the bookathon anymore I thought I tell you what it is anyway: Next up is The Orphan Queen by Jodi Meadows because I need another high fantasy book ;-)

That's it! That was the Christmas Bookathon of 2015 - I can't wait for next year's! Because, let's be honest: I can only top myself after this year :'D
Did you participate? How did it go? Or just your "normal" reading month?

And now as the title of this post already reveals I wanted to say or rather write a little about my crazy 2015:
Early this year I "discovered" this community of book lovers. And I AM SO HAPPY I did because for one it's so much easier to find new books to read and get to know of new releases. But also, and that's most important, I interacted with so many amazing people who share my love for reading. 
Through starting this blog I learned that if you want to achieve something you have to work hard and long for your goal and you won't get there the next day. And that's okay :-)
Lastly, I just want to thank everyone (especially my "blogger friends") for supporting, commenting and fangirling with me!
Continue being awesome! 

Thank you all so much for reading! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016!!! 

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

T5W: Series I want to start next year!

I greet you, dear readers, on Christmas Eve Eve! (Can you tell I'm excited for Christmas? :D)

Today, I finally have a Top 5 Wednesday post for you!
This one is about my top 5 series I want to start next year. Enjoy!

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly book meme hosted by Lainey (gingerreadslayney on YouTube) over on Goodreads. Check it out!

#5 - The Remnant Chronicles by Mary E. Pearson,204,203,200_.jpg,204,203,200_.jpg 
This is a high fantasy series and I actually don't know a lot about it but I think it's about a princess who flees her wedding day into a village and meets two strangers - one is a prince and the other one is an assasin sent to kill her. That's really all I know and all I want to know. But I'm super excited to read the series. The Beauty of Darkness is coming out August next year so I thought it would be the perfect time to read the series in summer - if I can wait that long...

#4 - Passenger by Alex Bracken
This beauty is the first book in the Passenger series and comes out next month! I also don't know a lot about the plot but I heard there's pirates, timetravel and overall awesomeness! Sounds great to me ;-)
And we already have the title of the second book, it's called Wayfarer!

#3 - The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer
Soo many people have already read and recommened these book to me. I believe these are all companion novels and fairytal retellings. Anyway, Winter just came out and I saw everyone on Goodreads, Instagram, Youtube and book blogs getting super excited about it which makes me want to read it so bad!

#2 - Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes
This is also a high fantasy series consisting of 6 books though the last two aren't out yet. I'm not very certain what it's about because the blurb is a little confusing but this is what I got out of it: There's war and because of it the kingdoms are falling apart. Frozen Tides also just came out this month and the cover looks epic once again!  

#1 - The Witchlands by Susan Dennard
Truthwitch is the first book of the series and is high fantasy as well (I'm really on that high fantasy train at the moment, if you can't tell :)). It comes out the same day as Passenger and is about witches who can tell truth and lie apart. It sounds like a very interesting concept and I can't wait to read it! Plus, the cover is gorg!

 So, these are 5 of the series I want to start next year. I chose them in no paticular order actually :-)

Thanks you so much for reading and MERRY CHRISTMAS! <3
 What series do you want to start next year? Any of these? Or others? - Tell me down below!! 

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Book Lending Story

Hi book lovers!
So, as I already announced in my second bookathon update, today (on schedule for probably the first time, can't believe it myself) I present you THE BOOK LENDING STORY:

Okay, basically the whole thing started when I was in my room with my friend. We were sitting on my bed next to my bookshelf  when she said "You have so many books! I love reading and books too - I just never find any good ones... There are really so few good books out there".
First of all, the world has a lot of good books, and second: She does not like reading, like I don't know why she's telling that everyone but she doesn't. I mean, I was in her room and there is not one book if you don't count the text books for school (and she barely looks in them either...).
So naive me said to her "I can find you a book, trust me. Just tell me what genre you like or if you want something specific to happen in there and I'm sure I'll find the perfect read for you"
She wanted two things: a contemporary romance (that's not too childish) and one of them (the couple) should have some kind of dark past or gone through something that scarred him or her. And as she told me all that I looked at my shelf and Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover stared back at me. Unfortuntaly, at that time I interpreted that wrong because my mind probably tried to tell me to not lend a book but, well, obviously I did gave it to her. Actually at first I only showed it to her in the hopes that she wouldn't ask me if she could borrow it (am I stupid?) but of course she did and I'm certain I looked like this: 
 For the record, she was one of my best friends at that time and she knew how much books and that stuff means to me so I thought I could trust her treating my book well (again: am I stupid?)...

A few weeks later I was at her's and ... I saw it there, I saw Ugly Love and I swear I almost started to cry (okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little here but it was pretty bad): apparently, my dear friend hadn't found a book mark so she put the book against the wall like this:
Who does that? Is it really so hard to get a slip of paper to slide between the pages? I don't think so. 
But while I could have commented on how that "method" caused the crack in the book spine or that the corners of the book had obviously suffered, I didn't say anything because at that time it was too late anyway and I told myself "(hopefully) at least she enjoyed the book once she finishes it...)"

So every now and then when we met I asked if she made progress and how she liked Ugly Love so far, and I have to give her one thing: she knows how to make excuses.

Months later, actually just recently this December, I asked her if I could have it back because I "needed" it for something (my shelf missed it) and she was like "yeah sure, no problem! I'll bring it tomorrow" - dog-eared was what she forgot to mention.

Plus she didn't even finish it, she was about 60 pages in and gave up then.
Just kidding :D
Of course I forgave her (she never knew I was angry anyway) because in the end friendship matters more than any material things - even if that thing is a book.

And next time I'll know- ahh no wait,
There will be no next time...

Thank you for reading!
Have you ever experienced something similar like this? Leave a comment, I would love to know :-)
I'm thinking about making this a series, like every week I tell you a story out of my life about books and the people who just don't understand. :D 
Would you be interested? Because I'd be totally up for it!

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

I was nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award!! 

Hello dear readers!
I am so very happy to share the One Lovely Blog Award that I was nominated for!!!

So, I was nominated by the absolute lovely Genni from Ready, Set, Read and before I continue I just wanted to thank her but also everyone else who visits my blog every day, reads my sometimes weird posts about books, life and fangirling - I love you all so much!!!

And now, may I present to you: the RULES for this fun:
-Thank the blogger who nominated you.  
- List the rules display the word button.  
- Give seven facts about yourself!  
- Nominate fifteen other bloggers for the award and make sure to notify them!  
- Display the award button on your blog and follow the blogger that nominated you.

My facts (I hope they don't scare you away :D)

#1 I am super clumsy - and when I say super clumsy, I mean VERY VERY clumsy. Like "running accidently against a street light" clumsy (true story by the way...)

#2 I only heard of the "book community" on the internet early this year. Until then I literally had no idea something like this existed and now look at me taking actively part in it! ;-)

#3 I prefer reading with music to reading without.

#4 Sadly, I am a person who starts a lot of things but never finishes them, so I'm really quite proud of myself that I still run this blog! I think that's actually one reason why I love reading so much and why it's the perfect hobby for me: Books are always different and we experience so many worlds through them that it's a new adventure every time we start one.

#5 When I was a child I wanted to become the youngest author ever published. So I started writing many different books but, again, never finished them. But I started to write, or outline for now, and am certain to finish this time!! (wish me luck...)

#6  A few years ago, i thought about making a beauty channel on YouTube though I didn't know anything about makeup :'D

#7 My user name on blogger is "OnMyBookshelf" because originally that should have been my blog name but it was already taken (though there is no blog called "on my bookshelf") so I called "A Thousand Books" instead. I should probably change my user name... 

Thanks for reading and below are my nominees: 

Lilivette @ Reading Against Time 
Katelyn @ From Cover To Cover 
Katie @ A Novel Idea 
Tabitha @ Tabitha Reads Books 
Yasmin & Paige @ The Wild Readers 

I know these are not 15 but right now I can't think of any more...
If you have a blog please tell me in a comment I would love to check it out!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

2nd Christmas Bookathon Update

Hello everyone!, honestly, the readathon isn't going exactly well. I'm still reading the same book I wanted to start in the last update, though it's actually not Six of Crows but Life and Death by Stephenie Meyer (you know, that gender-switched Twilight thing). I'm currently about 70 pages in and really quite enjoying it. It's kinda nice to "reread" Twilight because it's been years, I mean literally YEARS since I read it. I loved it then but now I can totally see what a lot of people are complaining about and also the writing style: I'm not saying it's bad it's just not how I remember it. 
Anyway, it's still fun to read. But I'm not sure when I'll finsh it because I have to read another book inbetween (required reading, man... :/) but it'll be fine! I can totally keep up with my December TBR, well not really - but I'm trying my hardest for sure:-)

Obviously, this is a very short post but tomorrow there is going to come a longer one and Tuesday I'll tell you "The Book Lending Story" so stay tuned for that! I can't wait for you to read it :D

What do you think about Twilight? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Is it overrated or maybe underrated? Tell me down below! ;-)

Thank you so much for reading!!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

1st Update - Christmas Bookathon

Hello everyone!
I know my update comes quite late as I wanted to do one every weekend... but I guess better later than never, right?

Anyway, I got two books done though one of it isn't exactly on the list - or at least it doesn't  cover any challenges. So obviously the month isn't going very well. BUT I'm pretty sure I will be able to catch up after Christmas because then I am off school (thank God...) and have lots of time for reading. 
Right now it's just super stressful because we have 3 exams a week every week (does anyone know the struggle?) and I don't have much freetime that I don't use for homework and studying (can we even call it freetime anymore?).
But from now on I will just make time for blogging, bookstagram and reading because those things are important to me. I know school and education are important too but we all have a life besides that and a part, a huge part actually, of mine are books.

Okay, enough of the serious stuff! Let's get into the actual update:

Silber 3 or Just Dreaming (I am NOT sure if that's the right title but it would make sense - however don't count on it ;-)) by Kerstin Gier finally finished this book and therefore the trilogy. It took me an extremely long time to get through it and as much as I would love to blame it on school work, I can't really because I honestly was very very close to just let it be unfinished or at least pick it up later again but I know myself and I probably wouldn't have picked it up ever again... so I sort of forced myself to finish it and seriously wasn't even bad. It was just that the whole dreaming thing the books SHOULD be about, got way too much into the background and instead everything was about teenage-romance-bullshit - sorry but I think that's all fine in a contemporary and I absolutely enjoy it there but I think the authorcould have made so much more out of the paranormal part so yeah... I haven't rated it yet on Goodreads but I'll probably give it a 3/5 stars.

 Night School by C.J. Daugherty
So, I was not exactly disappointed by this (I mean how much can you be disappointed when you have no expectations?) but I kinda expected something more into the paranormal direction. But I can totally recommend it anyway so go read it! But do it without knowing anything except what I just told you;-)  > 4/5 stars,204,203,200_.jpg
Up next will probably be Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo! I need something more serious and fantastical, people! :-)

Thanks for reading!! How's your reading month going? Would love to know!

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