Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Book Lending Story

Hi book lovers!
So, as I already announced in my second bookathon update, today (on schedule for probably the first time, can't believe it myself) I present you THE BOOK LENDING STORY:

Okay, basically the whole thing started when I was in my room with my friend. We were sitting on my bed next to my bookshelf  when she said "You have so many books! I love reading and books too - I just never find any good ones... There are really so few good books out there".
First of all, the world has a lot of good books, and second: She does not like reading, like I don't know why she's telling that everyone but she doesn't. I mean, I was in her room and there is not one book if you don't count the text books for school (and she barely looks in them either...).
So naive me said to her "I can find you a book, trust me. Just tell me what genre you like or if you want something specific to happen in there and I'm sure I'll find the perfect read for you"
She wanted two things: a contemporary romance (that's not too childish) and one of them (the couple) should have some kind of dark past or gone through something that scarred him or her. And as she told me all that I looked at my shelf and Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover stared back at me. Unfortuntaly, at that time I interpreted that wrong because my mind probably tried to tell me to not lend a book but, well, obviously I did gave it to her. Actually at first I only showed it to her in the hopes that she wouldn't ask me if she could borrow it (am I stupid?) but of course she did and I'm certain I looked like this:
 For the record, she was one of my best friends at that time and she knew how much books and that stuff means to me so I thought I could trust her treating my book well (again: am I stupid?)...

A few weeks later I was at her's and ... I saw it there, I saw Ugly Love and I swear I almost started to cry (okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little here but it was pretty bad): apparently, my dear friend hadn't found a book mark so she put the book against the wall like this:
Who does that? Is it really so hard to get a slip of paper to slide between the pages? I don't think so. 
But while I could have commented on how that "method" caused the crack in the book spine or that the corners of the book had obviously suffered, I didn't say anything because at that time it was too late anyway and I told myself "(hopefully) at least she enjoyed the book once she finishes it...)"

So every now and then when we met I asked if she made progress and how she liked Ugly Love so far, and I have to give her one thing: she knows how to make excuses.

Months later, actually just recently this December, I asked her if I could have it back because I "needed" it for something (my shelf missed it) and she was like "yeah sure, no problem! I'll bring it tomorrow" - dog-eared was what she forgot to mention.

Plus she didn't even finish it, she was about 60 pages in and gave up then. 
Just kidding :D
Of course I forgave her (she never knew I was angry anyway) because in the end friendship matters more than any material things - even if that thing is a book.

And next time I'll know- ahh no wait, 
There will be no next time...



Thank you for reading!
Have you ever experienced something similar like this? Leave a comment, I would love to know :-)
I'm thinking about making this a series, like every week I tell you a story out of my life about books and the people who just don't understand. :D 
Would you be interested? Because I'd be totally up for it!

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  1. I am constantly trying to get my best friend into reading, I've lost track of how many books I've forced upon her, lol :P And EVERY SINGLE TIME, she hasn't finished it (more like forgotten all about it) and it drives me up the wall because how could you not have finished it?? Like really? She knows me well enough at least that she knows not to dog-ear the pages because I'd go a little crazy, but I honestly don't get how someone can just not finish a book... it boggles my mind haha

    1. Right? I totally agree with you! Even if I don't really like a book while I'm reading it I have the need to finish it because maybe the end will get so good and I'm missing out if I don't read it. So I always have to make sure :D

      Thanks for commenting and following <3

  2. I have informed anyone who borrows a book that if they damage it in any way they will feel my wrath. Thus far its worked and one of them has fallen in love with the Throne of Glass series!

    1. Haha I bet they're careful now! :D
      I tried to get my friends (who actually do read) to read the Throne of Glass but none of them ever got around to actually do it... :( However I'll try on! And hopefully they'll fall in love with it too :-)

      Thanks for commenting and passing by! <3

  3. I loved this post!! I had a friend who lend this book to her own cousin and still hasn't received it back.So that is why never lend my favorite books out even if my now sister asks lool .

    1. Thank you!
      And, well, I learned my lesson now... won't ever lend out a book again!

      Ty for commenting :)

  4. So sorry you had a bad lending experience but it was fun to read about! :D Thankfully, I haven't lent any books yet so I haven't had a bad experience! :)

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the post :D
      And I can only recommend: DON'T EVER DO IT!!

      Thank you so much for commenting & passing by <3