Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Every Last Breath Release! (Day #8)

Hi everyone!
In today's post I just wanted to write a little bit about Every Last Breath by Jennifer L. Armentrout, the book this whole week of reviews is all about.
So, it's finally been released! I know it actually didn't take that long because the last book just came out in October and I read in April but still. 
Then there's the thing about the covers: why do publishers change the covers in the middle of a series? I know you can get the left cover version of White Hot Kiss and Stone Cold Touch as well but the right cover (which I have for the rest of the series) is for Every Last Breath only available as an eBook! Ugh, that's so frustrating! sorry, just needed to get that out :-D
Okay, so now to my hopes and expectations. What I know for sure is that Layla will choose between Roth and Zayne because this is the final book of The Dark Elements series and fans were able to vote for their favorite. I didn't do that but I kind of hope it's going to be Roth (read more about that in my Stone Cold Touch Review ;-))
And I think Layla will meet her mom Lilith, however she makes it out of hell but I think she'll appear. And if she does she'll probably bring hell with her and then the Alphas come and an epic battle starts and that's probably the point where Layla has to decide on which side she is and I don't know that's just my guess. I stayed far away from everything about the plot.
I have quite high expectations to be honest but I think the book will be a great read and as long as she takes Roth everything's fine ;-D

At last I want to thank you all for reading the stuff I write, it really means a lot to me and - well, just thank you so much. If you like such review weeks of certain authors comment down below or write me on Goodreads, you will find some way to contact me I'm sure.
And also a big, big thank-you to all the writers in the world, no matter what you write, which genre, if Young Adult, New Adult, Adult or children's books, you're all awesome and enrich all of our lifes so much.

Again thanks for reading!

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