Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Book Review: Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout (Day #2)

++ Obsidian Spoilers +++ Obsidian Spoilers +++ Obsidian Spoilers +++ Obsidian Spoilers ++

Hey Readers!
As I already told you in yesterday's post, day 2's review is about Onyx, the second book in the Lux Series.
I'm not going to write too much about the characters because they mainly stayed the same, but about how I liked the way the story goes on.
If you read Obsidian you know that in the end Daemon tells Katy that he's going to show his feelings for her are real and not just a consequence of the connection they have. And ... there are definitely some attempts XD (best you read for yourself).
Then there's a new guy at school who has a secret of his own. And when Katy sees someone who's supposed to be dead. All in all, truths are going to be uncovered...  

I tried to sum up the plot with only the most important things that happen without giving too much information. I hoped it worked more or less.
In my opinion Onyx was just as good as Obsidian, which is surprising since the second book in a series is often the weakest. But this one - let me tell you - this one can really keep up with the first. There's heart-breaking romance, action and ONE HUUUGE MISTAKE Katy made - seriously when you come to that chapter you're going to be like

This book will leave you in a book hangover you never experienced before, trust me when you finished Onyx there won't be any other option but to place Opal on the top of your TBR pile. 
I'm still addicted to these books and I finished the series a couple months ago. 
So with no further explanations of how awesome this book is - just pick it up, read it, and have a good time :-)

And when you finished it, read a scene from Daemon's POV.
Thanks for reading! Guess the book I'm going to be reviewing tomorrow! 

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