Sunday, June 7, 2015

Book Review: The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

Hey bookworms!:-)
Today's review is about the book called The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey, which is the first in that series. It's also going to be a movie that'll be released in January 2016.

One day a mothership appears above the earth and although people try to make contact with these aliens there isn't really any reaction coming from them until the tenth day they're there. Because then they start the 1st Wave and with it the beginning of the end for human population. After another three Waves 97% of the people on earth are dead. Only the strongest are still alive and one of them is 16-year-old Cassie who lives alone in the woods with her M16 and the promise she gave her little brother to come back for him. Until then her strategy is easy: stay alone to stay alive. Then she meets Evan who's willing to help her rescuing her brother but for that she has to trust him with her life...

Guys - This. Book. Is. SO FREAKING AMAZING!! I just can't get over it. The writing is so great. The author really makes you believe what the characters believe and then all the crazy plot twists I did not see coming - like at all. Also, the book is so intense in the way how real and detailed the whole alien invasion is described. You feel like if something like these aliens existed out there this could happen tomorrow.

Then we have two narrators: Cassie and Ben. Cassie's parts were actually my favorites to read. I mean don't get me wrong; Ben's were awesome too but just how Cassie thinks in this part sarcastic-funny part serious way is so great. For example those two lines:
"He thinks I don't understand the question. Sarcasm doesn't appear to work on him. If that's true, I'm in trouble: It's my normal mode of communication."
"He looked at me and said, "Everythings going to be okay," because that's what I wanted him to say and it's what he wanted to say and that's what you do when the curtain is falling - you give the line that the audience wants to hear."
I think you can really see this jump to seriousness which I personally love. And Ben's parts complete the story so well.
I honestly don't know how to write more about this book without giving spoilers so I better stop at this point, also because I think it's pretty obvious what my opinion on this book is ;-D

So, thank you for reading and tell me what you think about the book in a comment! And if you haven't read it yet you know what you should do now:-)


  1. I read The 5th Wave so long ago I've almost forgotten all the plot twists but I do remember being completely hooked by it! I really need to read the sequel soon and will definitely be watching the film in January! I am glad you enjoyed it, and good review!

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I haven't read the sequel too. I don't even know why, I guess I'm just so much into fantasy books at the moment :P But I will have read it when the movie comes out! I'm so excited, have you seen the trailer? IT'S FANTASTIC!!

      Ty so much for commenting! :-)

  2. Aww man, I didn't know the story was from two perspectives! Oh well, I'll get over it! Great Review! I can't wait to read it! :D

    1. Don't worry, the different perpectives are actually pretty good to understand the world better :-)
      Hope you enjoy it!
      Thank you for commenting!

  3. This book has been sitting on my bookshelf for over a year. I guess it is time to give this series a try!

    1. You really should! Especially with the movie coming out so soon ;-))

      Thanks for commenting <3