Saturday, May 30, 2015

Book Review: Fallen by Lauren Kate

Hi all you bookish people!
Today I am going to be reviewing the book Fallen by Lauren Kate, the first book in the Fallen series:

The story is about a girl named Luce who's sent to a boarding school for students who committed crimes. The police suspect her of killing her boyfriend although there's no real proof. When she gets there she meets Daniel. The moment Luce sees him she has the feeling they've met before though she can't remember where or when. But it seems like Daniel doesn't want to have anything to do with her. Luce starts trying to find out more about him, his past, the secret he's keeping...

So, I heard mixed things about this book, some people loved it, some didn't like it at all. But since it's becoming a movie released this fall OF COURSE I had to read the book first. And I promise I read it with an open mind to form my own opinion.

The book creeped me out a little at some parts for example the whole location: Everyone has to wear black, every part of the campus is watched by cameras and they have a graveyard there! Also you get the feeling that there are only jerks running around and the only nice person is a girl who isn't exactly forced to go to this school like the others. When Luce starts to search out Daniel's past I felt like she's actually a little "stalkerish", especially after she's seen his school file and she's like "that's not enough!". What I missed a little was that you don't really get to know Luce and Daniel as good as "the couple" in other books because THEY already know each other but I think you can also see that as a good thing because it gives the story something unique. Thing is just that I didn't get as attached to the characters as I normally would but I hope that will change in the next book. 

What I loved about Fallen is the mistery behind everything not only about Daniel but also about what happened to Luce's boyfriend and the weird shadows she sees. As well as the fact that she is more or less a normal teenager and behaves like that. She's not this girl every boy is after because she's "oh so different and more interesting" than anyone around her and that's why you can mostly relate to her (let's forget about this stalker-thing a sec;D)
So all in all I liked the book, I didn't love it but I think it's worth a read!
Thanks for reading!

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