Thursday, May 28, 2015

New book blog + first review!!!

Hello everyone and welcome to my book blog!
I'm Gina and I am going to review at least one book every week. (Probably on Saturday/Sunday)
I read mostly YA novels from all different genres and if you would like to know my opinion on a certain book just tell me in the comment section and I'll review it!
Thanks for reading and here's already my first review on The Selection by Kiera Cass:

The Selection is the first book in the Selection series and takes place in the future after the 4th world war. Where the USA once was, exists now a kingdom called Illéa with a king to rule the country. The society is divided into castes. When the crown prince turns 19 a Selection takes place where 35 girls from all over Illéa and out of all castes move into the palace to get to know the prince. One of them will eventually marry him. It's a chance of a lifetime. 

The book is told from the perpective of America, a girl who wants anything BUT be selected for this competition because for her it means forgetting about a future with her secret boyfriend Aspen who's one caste below her. But finally she does sign up because she knows it's the right thing to do for her family. When she's actually chosen and meets Prince Maxon she starts to realize that in the end of the competition there might be a future waiting for her she never imagined...

So first of all to America: I think she's a really strong and likeable character who grows to you throughout the book. What I liked most about her is that she says what she thinks especially with Maxon... those of you who already read the book probably know when I say that poor "thigh". But it's really fun to see how their relationship goes from friends to more (sorry to spoil you but let's be honest: we've all seen that coming;-)).
The whole plot is actually very different from what I expected and if I had known how much I love that book I would have read it much much earlier!:-) It was a quick and easy read I definitely enjoyed. Can't wait to read the sequel The Elite and see where America's journey takes her in the next books.
Thanks for reading and go pick up The Selection!!

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