Thursday, November 19, 2015

Movie Review & Talk: Mockingjay Part 2

Hey mockingjays! :P
Yesterday I watched Mockingjay Part 2, the long-awaited last movie of the Hunger Games series.
So I thought I must review it and talk about it on here because, you know, I CAN'T HANDLE MY FEELS!!!
Also, the review is going to be spoiler-free and you will notice the spoiler section for those who have seen the film already as well and have the urge to chat a little bit about it;-)

Unlike the last movie in this one there was a whole lot more action, and by that I mean for example there was this szene in the underground (that's not really a spoiler, so don't worry) and crap went down for Katniss and her team and holy shit! I sat at the edge of my seat with one hand on my mouth (you know, in case I might scream or something :D) and (I couldn't see that obviously but I'm pretty sure) with wide eyes.
So, there were some pretty intense scenes as you might've guest by now ;-). I  also really liked the character dynamics. Especially between Katniss and Peeta. I was so glad that they didn't alter how Peeta "changed" in the Capitol and all the struggles he goes through. Actually, the whole movie was very accurate to the book which made me so happy. It's like the book actually comes to life and that's how it should be with book-to-movie adaptations but sadly that's not always the case (*cough*Allegiant*cough*)
The cast did a fantastic job. Seriously. Their characters experience and suffer a lot in the story and that was shown very well in the movies. As I already wrote Peeta is a completely different person in the beginning and Josh Hutcherson represented that amazingly. 

Since this is the finale of the saga people (especially those who have not read the book) are having quite high expectations and, honestly, I am 99.9% sure they will be full-filled! In the end you get all the feels, you get action-packed szenes, you get an ending that satisfies you - what more could you want? 

Movie Talk (w/ spoilers)

So, I just wanted to chat and fangirl with you guys a little so I thought this would be a good idea! :-)
Okay, as I already said in the review there's this szene when they're in the underground and those creatures that look a little like zombies are hunting them and then Finick gets killed by them. OH MY GOD, first of all this was all fast-paced like hell and I really thought I would cry about Finnick because he was one of my favorite characters - but I didn't! I mean, I was upset but I wasn't like
Do you ever have this feeling when you're watching a movie and you know it's sad that you should cry? Or that you wanna cry? Or that you fear you might not cry even at the end? Because I do and in this moment this is exactly how I felt. But then I told myself that I need to believe in the film makers and that Prim's death would get to me. And let me just tell you

And even more right than I thought I would be because at the end I literally could not stop so I went out of the cinema with a completely tear-strained face but you know what? I am okay with that, I am fine with crying over fictional characters and ending movie series because this is what fangirls (and -boys!) do (or over-emotional people... also like me).
So in the end

Alright, I really hope you enjoyed my rambling about the movie, crying and everything else and maybe you can relate to that (even a little bit...) and leave me a comment!


Thanks for reading!!
This is my first movie review so I hope you are not to harsh with criticism:) and if you liked it and you would like to read more book related movie reviews then you can tell me that also down below!

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  1. I just got back from watching it! I did cry a bit at Finnick but not nearly as much as I expected but by the end I was full on crying. I do cry at everything though so that wasn't much of a surprise!

    1. Oh my god, I understand that sooo well, trust me! :'D

  2. I completely agree with you on everything! I was literally at the edge of my seat with my hands covering most of my face in that sewer scene! I was so scared! What did you think of the Hayffie scene? Josh Hutcherson was so amazing as Peeta in the film! I am so happy with how everything ended. Here's my review of the move! I basically just fangirl the whole entire time! I cried three different times in the movie! :D

    1. OMG YES, THE HAYFFIE SCENE <3 that was so cute though I have to say I was kind of surprised. When say kissed I was like "Waaaiit... What is going on here now?" :D I wasn't expecting that to happen AT ALL!

      Thank you for passing by & your review is amazing! :-)

    2. Thanks so much Gina! I was soo surprised too! I had no idea it was happening and it was so casual it seemed like they've been kissing for a while now. Haha ;D I heard that it was all set up by the actors as well. The director had no idea it was going to happen, but when they kissed, he liked it so much he put it in the movie! Your review was amazing as well!

      I'm definitely subscribing - I loved your review!